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ICYMI – Imagine This In My Voice, BUT LOUDER!

Hello again Wired Family, it’s ‘Technically’ Monday (if bank holidays can be counted as a technicality) so a day late but ZERO dollars short, here is your weekly dose of Wired Goodness!

Regular readers of our recaps will spot the absence of something, so lets address the elephant in the room – NO VIDEO?!?! WTF?!
We know – we like watching Gary try frantically not to make it obvious he’s reading from a script he’s written as much as the next viewer but this week we’re going retro and keeping it all text.

There’s a couple of reasons for this :

  1.  Gary wants to do bigger, better things with the videos that take a little longer and are more meaningful
  2.  As we expand our team (still hyped that we have Lina! It’s great) the things that we decide to do with our video content will evolve and change
  3.  We are also looking to (cautiously) take those tentative steps back to an ‘office’ based work now that we’re getting our vaccine shots, and having everything set up so deeply entrenched for the past 15+ months  of working from home – with Gary, Tegan and others in the team operating solely from home offices with assets, pipelines and processes for live streams, interviews and video content – the transition and how we handle it will take a hot minute to figure out to be smooth.

So what does this mean? It means more videos, better videos, and a constant stream of content covering a much wider variety of subjects and a grand announcement of #WiredLive on a bigger scale once we’ve got the blocks in place and are happy with how it looks.

Potentially the ICYMI updates stay text blog focused with bi-weekly or monthly bigger substantial updates in video form! Perhaps the content being created off the back of your INCREDIBLE charity fundraising leads to more non-wired focused video content becoming a bigger piece of the puzzle!
We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and making sure we don’t just throw out content as it is expected whilst making sure that the team is able to look after themselves properly as we move into big things – and we’d love to hear your suggestions on what you’d like to see going forward – so feel free to feed that back in Discord!

With that being said though – we DO still have news and we’ll be darned if we don’t give it to you! So without further ado – prepare your eyes for a feast!


  • The Town Of Light on sale
  • Big Ass Bird, But Portable!
  • New Tin Hearts Update!
  • Winner Of Last weeks Video Competition
  • DUTM Monthly Competition


The Town Of Light On Switch

Let’s kick off with the hard propaganda! The Town Of Light is currently on sale on Nintendo Switch for 55% off until the 3rd (which gives you about 2 days of time as of print!)
That means you can uncover the mystery behind the shadows in the Town Of Light for less than £4 – which is an absolute steal!

If you haven’t heard of The Town Of Light  – you should check out our 5 year anniversary celebration we held earlier this year discussing the reasons why it is such a special game for us – how it impacted the entire mission of the company as a whole, and how it laid the foundations for LKA’s upcoming thriller, Martha Is Dead


The Deluxe Edition on sale also comes with an exclusive making of documentary, sharing some fascinating insights into the development of the game and the real life stories that inspired it.

You can take advantage of the offer by clicking right here 


Big Ass Bird, But Portable!

Last month we announced that The Falconeer was coming to PlayStation platforms and Nintendo Switch – coming from a PC and Xbox Series X launch game the appearance on Ps4/5 is probably not too shocking, but a little bird tells us that some people are shocked at the thought of putting the WHOLE OF THE GREAT URSEE on Switch!

We hear you loud and clear – so we’ll be sharing a first look at an early build of the game on Switch with you THIS THURSDAY on our regular #WiredLive stream!
Yup – The Falconeer, on Switch, live for the world to see! Exciting stuff!

Swoop by and check it out by dropping us a follow – and enable those notifications! 

Tin Hearts Updates

We are continuing to break out the fascinating individual interviews from our Wired Direct for you to catch in your own bitsized format, tomorrow we’ll be sharing the wonderful introduction to the world of Tin Hearts with you in the form of a TL;DR – so keep your eyes trained on our Youtube channel for its release (and drop a subscription if you haven’t already!)

If you need a little more Tin Hearts in your life right now, the devs just shared a lovely little work in progress update on their Steam Page detailing one of the new environments they are working on – so jump in a cannon and fire yourself over to the blog now by clicking here, give it a read and stick the game on your wishlist – this one is going to be special!


Last Weeks Comp Winner!

Little bit of housekeeping, last week we asked you to name our new hire’s space faring alter ego and of course it is none other than the fantastic COMMANDER IVY!
Congrats to Waldii who was the winner picked out of the hat for a copy of Deliver Us The Moon – drop us a DM on Twitter and we’ll sort you out!

Everyone else, thank you for your guesses – we’ll think of a fun way to get more comps out to you even in text form – promise!

Monthly Competition

As June shoves May back into the past we approach the dying embers of our monthly competition, which has …ooooh 4 hours remaining for those that haven’t entered yet!
We’ll hit the randomiser and find the lucky winners tomorrow then get a new competition set up next week!


So keep those eyes peeled on your emails for a winning confirmation tomorrow, good luck everyone!
If you’ didn’t win, unlucky – but the collectors editions are still totally available on the store right here and are STILL fantastic value for money if the desire to own one still burns #justsaying #morepropaganda



Our month of Fundraising streams in support of Safe In Our World is over, and thanks to ALL of your fantastic donations big and small we raised just shy of £1,000 which is frankly amazing, well done!

We promised a whole host of content from specified streams, game challenges, goodie bags, crocheted Lumotes and fantastic Microsoft paint artworks for your troubles – which the valiant community team shall deliver!
We’ll work this all into our content schedule and let you all know when to expect the fruits of your generosity – for those that earned themselves material goods, standby – we’ll be in touch soon, but all in all THANK YOU for helping raise money for a worthwhile cause and literally changing lives for the better. You made us all proud!

Okay that is it for todays update, go wishlist Tin Hearts, book a bird fuelled date with us on Twitch this Thursday and standby for a new competition! And of courses thank you for your patience whilst the ICYMI videos go through their very own next level update.
I’ll be on your screens with Tegan this Thursday, and back in an unspecified (heck, maybe I’ll do it in podcast form to keep you on your toes -wouldn’t that be a kick!) form on Monday with all the latest news from the world of Wired.

In Case You Missed It.

Take Care!

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