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ICYMI – For One Night Only!

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to another weekly round up of all the news from Wired! In Case You Missed It! We are still in blog form for now whilst we adapt to being back in the office, oh yeah that happened! This was written from my actual office desk, not at home! Strange feeling, but it’s good to see everyone again face to face again!

Anyway as always we’ve got quite a bit to get through, so settle yourself down, grab your beverage of choice and let’s get to it!


  • The Falconeer On Luna
  • GRIP On GoG
  • Lumote V I B E S
  • TL;DR Lumote
  • This Week On WiredLive


The Falconeer On Luna

Kicking things off this week, there are more warbirds in the clouds – the clouds of Amazon Luna that is!
Our big ass birds found themselves appearing on  the Luna+ channel of Amazons cloud gaming service to those subscribed to the early access service, with ‘The Hunter’ DLC available to purchase separately for $1.99.

That’s not all though, the upcoming expansion, Edge of the World that features additional side quests, map locations, a self-contained story, and myriad new items to add even more depth to the Great Ursee, will be available on August 5th for Luna+ subscribers, alongside its global release on all formats! Meaning those of you that prefer to keep your gaming in the cloud, will be soaring into all the latest content of the Warrior Edition day and date with the rest of the great Ursee!

For more information check out Luna on Amazon. To learn more about their future projects visit the Amazon Luna blog.


Not content with bringing just ONE game to a new platform, we also saw the adrenaline fuelled combat racing of GRIP roar onto GoG.com for the very first time! (And stake itself firmly in the top 10 sellers, might we add!)

What’s more, it launched with an 80% discount that will be running until next week – meaning you can get a GRIP for £5 RIGHT NOW if DRM free is how you like your games!
Additionally, the pulse pounding soundtrack which features 28 drum and bass tunes from Full Kontakt, Whiney, S.P.Y, Royalston and more is ALSO available for 60% off during this period, giving you even more ways to shake the walls!

Of course an announcement of this scale deserves proper treatment, which we delivered by spinning Steve around in a chair really really fast, legend has it he’s still spinning to this day! 

Visit GoG right now by clicking here and head to the track! 


Lumote V I B E S

Have you been keeping up to date with the wonderful musical updates from Lumote? Each week we share a new snippet of some scenery from the biggest, squishiest quest – and some of its spellbinding soundtrack to go along with it!


You can vibe out with Lumote right now by checking out our Twitter post here – then keep your eyes and ears peeled for more squish-fi content!


TL;DR Lumote

Keeping things firmly with our luminescent friend – we shared a direct interview from developers Luminawesome last week! If you missed it don’t worry – you don’t even need to leave the blog to watch it because I’m super thoughtful and linked it here for you!



Once you’ve caught up with our lovable little mote and are giddy to join him on the biggest quest EVER! Head on over to Steam and give the wishlist button a squish, if it helps just imagine Lumote saying ‘Woooooooooow’ when you do it!

This Week On #WiredLive

We have some pretty special content hitting your screens on #WiredLive!
Whilst ICYMI is still sticking in blog form (For now – trust us, cool things coming!) We have a TL;DR hitting this Wednesday focused on Tiny Troopers and the upcoming Global Ops – followed by a spectacular ONE NIGHT ONLY blockbuster show featuring none other than Doug Cockle himself!


If you aren’t familiar with the legendary Doug Cockle, you may  know him better as the unmistakeable voice behind Victor Vran himself, and the stubborn father figure in upcoming Arcade Paradise – he also had a side gig as Geralt of Rivia that was apparently pretty popular with a couple of folks too!

We’ll be interviewing Doug and asking him all sorts of questions about his demon slaying antics, being a witcher, working on TV / Films and games, being a lecturer – and maybe cracking open a couple of beers along the way and hunting all manner of beasties!
Of course we won’t be keeping him to ourselves, we’ll be opening the floor for folks to ask questions on the day itself, so be sure to join us in the chat and get the answers straight from the witcher/demon slayer/laundromat entrepreneurs mouth.

You can also submit questions RIGHT NOW on Twitter on our announcement tweet with the hashtag #wiredtalks. So get to it!

Oh – and follow us on Twitch and get notifications turned on – because that’s just the smart thing to do!


That’s going to do it for today! If you’ve made it this far then congratulations you’re all up to speed and ready to CONSUME A WEEK OF CONTENT. Go catch up on any #WiredLive you’ve missed, think of some fun questions for Doug and WISHLIST THESE GAMES PEOPLE! Every time you wishlist a game a developer gets their wings, or something – and that’s just lovely.

I’ll be on your screens this Thursday – and then back on Monday with another blog and ALL of the Wired news – In Case You Missed It!

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