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ICYMI | A Very Wired Birthday

Hello again Wired Family and welcome to this weeks instalment of ICYMI – your weekly update of all the events from the wonderful world of Wired!

As always, you can catch this update in video form below, and I’m feeling a bit generous today – must be all of those birthday vibes! So I’m going to be giving away a copy of Avicii Invector to one lucky viewer! Simply guess which of the tracks from Invector is MY personal favourite in the comments and you might just win!
Keep your eyes peeled throughout the video for potential clues and good luck.


Now we’ve got a fair bit to cover this week! We officially became teenagers, raised money for charity and much more – So let’s get to it!

  • Safe In Our World Charity Recap
  • Wired Turns 13
  • Tiny Troopers Update
  • #WiredLive this week
  • Sales This Week

Safe In Our World Charity Recap

We’re going to start off todays update with a MASSIVE thank you to each and every one of you that took part in our fundraising stream last week.
As part of our continued support of the Safe In Our World #SaferTogether campaign we ran a 10 hour marathon live show playing games with the community, eating the WORST food, sharing interviews and…getting pied.

Through our combined efforts and your generosity we managed to raise over £900 for Safe In Our World which is absolutely amazing!

The funds raised have unlocked a PLETHORA of content from us that you will be enjoying in the near future, from Cosplay streams, competitions, dancing streams, weekly challenges to US and gorgeous works of Microsoft paint art – so look forward to those!

The mission doesn’t stop there however, we will be continuing to raise money and champion Safe In Our World for the rest of mental health awareness month, where a £10 donation will also enter you into a draw to win an Xbox Series S and a bundle of incredible games, so keep an eye out on all of our Wired Live videos and streams for how YOU can get involved in making a world where everyone can belong!

You can catch the live stream below if you missed it on the night!




Wired Turns 13

There was another reason to celebrate at the end of the week, as Wired officially turned 13 on Saturday!

That’s 13 years of unforgettable indie gaming memories created with the worlds most passionate developers and the fans who make up our wired family. Here’s to many more!

We celebrated in the way that we know best, with donuts, video games, and giving away bundles of game codes over the weekend, if you managed to grab one then congratulations, if not – then don’t worry we currently still have a competition going where you can win a Nintendo Switch for simply giving our competition Tweet a retweet!

The Switch competition will be ending today and I’ll be announcing a winner in the morning so click here for the tweet link and get your entry in if you haven’t already! 

Tiny Troopers Update


During Wired Direct we announced the sequel to one of our most loved franchises. Tiny Troopers Global Ops is launching later this year, and promises to bring the same massive twin stick action that fans adored on a bigger scale than ever! The teaser trailer left a lot of questions though (that is the point of a teaser after all!) but we are now starting to share some behind the scenes Work in Progress asssets and developer updates on the Steam page as well as in the dedicated area we have carved for each of our shiny new games in our Discord!

If you haven’t already, go get Global Ops added to your Wishlist to stay up to date with development, and join our Discord to start getting to know your squad mates! Leave nobody behind by visiting the latest news and click here!



#WiredLive this week

There is a LOT of content coming to #WiredLive this week! We’ll be sharing the fascinating interviews created for Wired Direct and interviewing all of the developers from our upcoming 2021 lineup – look out for the first of these hitting the channel tomorrow!

On Wednesday Tegan will be hitting you with a super special TL;DR featuring developer of The Falconeer, Tomas Sala.

And Thursday we’ll be rolling out another Wired Live Twitch Show talking about something we can’t quite share right now – but you wont want to miss it!

Make sure you’re following our channel and feel free to stop by and say hello, the streams are never quite the same WITHOUT YOU.


Sales This Week

There are LOTS of bargains to be had this week! PlayStation are currently running their £15 and under sale until May 26th – meaning you can save up to 80% on The Digital Deluxe editions of GRIP, Deliver Us The Moon and Close To The Sun – as well as the standard editions of Tiny Troopers Joint Ops and Those Who Remain!

If you’re the kid of person that prefers to keep your gaming on the go – you can also save 80% on GRIP digital deluxe for Nintendo Switch until May 20th.

Something for everyone in there whether you like being scared, exploring space, or dominating the racetrack all for less than a tenner! The links to each of these sales can be found below :

Okay that’s going to do it today! Plenty to get your teeth into, a whole range of Wired Live content to look forward to and keep an eye out this Friday for a brand new Wired challenge.

Don’t forget you could win a copy of Avicii Invector for finding my personal favourite track – there was a ‘subtle’ hint earlier so leave your guesses in the comments as well as your thoughts on the video, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to stay notified of the rest of our content!

I’ll be back on your screens this Thursday on Twitch – and then once more with feeling on Monday with all of the latest updates and developments, In Case You Missed It.

I’ll see you next time!

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