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Arcade Paradise EP Launches for Safe In Our World

We are partnering up with Safe In Our World to release a charity music single! and every penny from your purchase goes straight to charity.


The song is the lead track from Arcade Paradise. A Game where the protagonist Ashley feels held back, suffocated, and mentally downtrodden. Arcade Paradise is a story that resonates closely with the message of Safe In Our World. It is an inspirational message of what can be achieved, with help or just with the right motivation… how you CAN rise up against the machine, and how you CAN make your life great.

This is where you come in. We need YOU, the Wired Community to make some noise, Kick down the doors and scream that talking about Mental Health is GOOD!

How can YOU do this? There are lots of ways.

– Buy the single on Bandcamp. Same price as a Tesco meal deal.
– Stream the song for the next week. Let’s see if we can hit the charts. Bring on Top of the Pops.
– Share posts, blogs and playlists. The more we share. The more we can diminish the stigma around Mental Health
– Talk to someone and listen. a Simple “How’s it going?” can make the world of difference.
– Make sure to tag us in every post, tweet and video. The more we share, the better.

Stu Brootal and his crew smashes it out of the park with the right level of anger and energy, and match the story with a truly believable performance that can only be described as inspirational.

Watch the Official Music Video below

All proceeds from sales of the Arcade Paradise EP from Bandcamp will be donated to the video games mental health charity Safe In Our World, but why did we choose them?

Where can I stream the Arcade Paradise EP?

We have all the best streaming platforms below…and some terrible ones. Jump on and Stream away!


In fact. Here is a handy link with them all for you to share.


Now Buy, Share and make some noise.

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