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Black Label Update

Ay Up Gamers!

Bob your resident VP of Product development and store innovation. What that means is I am the chap that gets things made, Tests them, makes sure they are up to the highest quality and then ships them out.

Well, I have some news. I have been to the four corners of the globe and have worked with some of the finest artisans to reveal The Black Label finally.

I thought photos were better than me babbling on, so here it is in all its glory. Black Label #01 Victor Vran.

I know I’m obsessed with boxes, but I wanted to show the care we have taken to the packaging. Housed in double-walled cardboard and in a sealed plastic bag.

Now this is the good stuff. in a bespoke high-end Black Label silver box wrapped in the Wired Razor Sleeve – a black finish with an embossed tattoo motif. Notice the high gloss embossed detail.

Certificate of authenticity and individual numbered.

Art print of Victor Vran taking on a boss battle

Art print of Lemmy from Motorhead.

 Alu-dibond art print and display stand

Digital Download soundtrack by acclaimed composer George Strezov. Bonus Item. A copy of the game on STEAM is on the reverse.

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition on Nintendo Switch enclosed in the limited Black Label variant inlay and sleeve.

Composer George Strezov soundtrack on CD.

Collectable trading cards from the Wired Productions collection and what is that? Another bonus item?

This is a completely exclusive item and has not been something we have mentioned before. A Black Label #01 Victor Vran Coin.

I know we have all waited a blooming long time for this Collectors edition, but it is now days away from arriving in your homes.

In some other good news. We have also finished Black Label #02 The Town of Light as well. That should land approximately two weeks later.

Want to add the Black Label to your collection?


Oh….And I know what Black Label #03 is going to be.

As always take care of yourselves and Toodle pip for now.

Bob xxx

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