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  • Dec07

    Vostok Inc. Out Now on Nintendo Switch

    Flexible Gaming Reaches New Heights as the Mould Breaking Twin-Stick Clicker Hybrid Lands Today on Nintendo’s Own Hybrid Platform

    Watford, United Kingdom, December 7, 2017: Wired Productions, an established computer games publisher, in partnership with Nosebleed Interactive, are delighted to announce cult favourite, Vostok Inc., is available to buy now from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch™ for an SRP of £12.99/$14.99/€14.99.

    To celebrate the launch, Wired Productions have created an action packed all gameplay trailer (PEGI) (ESRB)


    The only idle game you’ll never want to put down - Vostok Inc. for Nintendo Switch features exclusive new content on a planetary scale, with the inclusion of Pluto on its new planetary debut. Experience maddeningly-addictive gameplay, frenetic twin-stick shooting action, and a downright disgusting quest for...

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  • Nov16

    Look behind Uranus – Pluto is coming!

    Nintendo Switch gains exclusive content, as Pluto is named a planet once and for all, in upcoming twin-stick shooter, Vostok Inc.

    Watford, United Kingdom, November 16th 2017: Pluto has today been reclassified as a planet, rather than a dwarf planet (minor planet designation 134340 Pluto). To celebrate the new status bestowed upon it by Nosebleed Interactive and Wired Productions, Pluto comes to Vostok Inc. in time for, and exclusive to, its release on Nintendo Switch.

    Vostok Inc. held a press conference this afternoon where news of this planetary scale exclusive content was first shared. To watch the video, head to

    Andreas Firnigl, Managing Director and designer at Nosebleed Interactive, commented: “Pluto has five moons. If you believe the International Astronomical Union, then they should be called dwarf planet moons. What do hundreds of international astrophysics experts and PHD graduates know....

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  • Sep28

    Cult Favourite Vostok Inc. Coming Home to Nintendo Switch in 2017

    Wired Productions to handle publishing duties to enable Switch owners to become corrupt narcissistic yuppies!

    Watford, United Kingdom, September 27th, 2017: Wired Productions, an independent videogames publisher and developer, is delighted to announce a partnership with Nosebleed Interactive, to publish fan favourite Vostok Inc. for Nintendo Switch later this year

    Check out the brand-new Nintendo Switch Trailer here:

    Vostok Inc. for Nintendo Switch offers prospective tycoons the same addictive gameplay they have grown to know and love: with plenty of frenetic twin-stick shooting action, a plethora of the finest and most addictive minigames and the same downright disgusting quest for self-enrichment that brought Vostok Inc. so much adoration from players all over the world.

    In Vostok Inc, you play as a corrupt, narcissistic yuppie, hoping to make as much money as possible in a greed driven...

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