Stream Wired Games!


You have an incredible gaming channels and want to stream our games!? Wow! That means a bunch to us, so thank you!

We LOVE streamers and we don't care how big your channel is, just that you're active and engage with your followers. 

As an indie publisher, we were getting loads of requests from people claiming to be the biggest YouTubers and Twitchers (is that a word?) in the world, which takes time to verify. We also worked with some streamers who'd actually had people pretend to be them and gain codes. So earlier this year we started working with the amazing people at KeyMailer. which is a community tool that gives content creators of all levels a quick and easy way to request game keys for review from publishers and developers. It also protects the content creator’s identity, stops others passing themselves off as them, and also takes away a load of the admin that comes with running a channel (Which for us, is MASSIVE and means more coffee and gaming time)

So what does this mean? Well, you can request codes for all Wired games. We approve approx 200 per week and as long as you have an active channel and your audience is appropriate for the game you're requesting, you'll get in!

So what are you waiting for?