Wired Productions can provide a unique range of services and assistance in the production and publishing of video games.  We can provide a tailored and bespoke production solution for any stage of the video game production process from initial concept to final product.

We like to collaborate closely with our partners to develop the most effective solutions across the spectrum of production areas.

A summary of what we are able to offer is below.  We would love to hear from you and help you take the next step forward.   Please feel free to Get in touch using our contact form.

Video Game Production

Wired Productions can help with every stage of the video game production process from initial competitive analysis & research, to creative input and project management.  We can help to develop a strategy to deliver your game on time and in budget.  We can help develop your game design, and technical design documents as well as managing your sign off accountability. Everything from localisation & QA management to post mortem analysis can be covered.

Video Game Concepts

Whether you’re working on a completely original concept, a brand led game design or even a blue sky product range, we’re here to help.  We can leverage our experience in developing some of the world’s best known franchises to create a strong and deliverable concept.

Brand and Licensing

Wired Productions can help secure access to some of world’s leading brands as well as helping you develop an ongoing brand strategy.

Marketing & PR

At Wired Productions we can leverage our years of experience in developing global marketing & pr strategies covering the full marketing mix.  Whether you need assistance in the creative design such as logos, packaging & advertising collateral, or want help to plan a worldwide media campaign, we have the experience.

Business Development

Wired Productions have extensive experience in business development having worked with some of the world’s leading brands to identify and develop incremental opportunities.  We’re able to help you plan your local & global sales strategies and licensing as well as physical and digital retail distribution and delivery.

Music Partners

Wired are behind more than 20 music games, on multiple platforms totalling multi-million unit sales. From licensing international brands (The Voice, Los 40 Principales) to creating IP from the ground up (We Sing), our experience makes us music specialists. Having licensed over 500 international hit songs from the 3 major music labels to independents, we have extensive contacts throughout the music industry.

Finance and Accounting

We have in depth knowledge of financial and accounting issues at Wired Productions.  We understand the importance of budget control and accounting in order to keep a project on track.

Our experience in dealing with the world’s leading music labels has helped develop a thorough understanding of IP & Trademark issues as well as the ability to handle high level contract negotiations.  You count on us!

Get in touch using our contact form and we’d be happy to help!