Neil Dickens

Senior Graphic Designer

About Neil

Neil started his career in the computer industry in 1996. He has worked on all aspects of design from corporate branding and logos, to advertising and consumer packaging. He has been involved in the creative of over 300 music, games, productivity and lifestyle retail products that have hit the shelves globally. He has been with Wired since the first day and his desire, drive and attention to detail are the true characteristics of the Wired DNA.

What's your favourite game?

Battlefront 4.

What's your first gaming memory?

Chucky Egg on the Acorn Electron.

What's your favourite gaming genre?

First Person Shooters.

What is your longest time spent in a gaming session?

12 hours.

When given the choice - Good or Evil?

Evil of course.

Do you take the silent - stealthy approach, or go in loud and proud?

Steam in, all guns blazing.

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