Mei Iszatt

Financial Controller

About Mei

Mei has a solid background in accountancy work and finance (ACCA finalist) and more than 20 years’ experience in the audit profession. She manages and oversees all the financial administration for Wired, and maintains an eagle-eye over the company finances. She is a central member of the team and
has a strong sense of responsibility and mutual respect. Her mantra is ‘I don’t play games but I can count’.

What's your favourite game?

Sudoku, can you guess why?

What's your first gaming memory?

Learning to count.

What's your favourite gaming genre?

Puzzle games, as long as there is math involved.

What is your longest time spent in a gaming session?

I've have spent hours working out an equation before. 

When given the choice - Good or Evil?

Evil as I love to keep a body count.

Do you take the silent - stealthy approach, or go in loud and proud?

Silent, so that I can carry out mental arithmetics.

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