Leo Zullo

Managing Director

About Leo

Leo is a computer industry veteran, after entering in 1996. Since then he has mastered every publishing role from product management, selection, marketing, business development, executive producing, licensing to currently being managing director. He has worked on over 130 titles, with cumulative estimated sales of over 50 million units. There is no shortage of ideas or vision and coupled with a passionate disposition, is a strong combination.


What's your favourite game?

The biggest cliché answer… Golden Eye, or was it R-Type… or Street Fighter 2… either way, they are all old games.

What's your first gaming memory?

I had a Pong system plugged into a tiny Black and White TV – 197 something – anyone for tennis doubles?

What's your favourite gaming genre?

Competitive games – like sports or beat em ups – but mainly games with real people in a living room.

What is your longest time spent in a gaming session?

Hhmmm… 1995… high double digits.

When given the choice - Good or Evil?

There can only be one answer… the big E.

Do you take the silent - stealthy approach, or go in loud and proud?

There can only be one answer… LOUD and GET KILLED QUICK.

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