Jonathan West

QA Lead

About Jono

Jono’s role as Lead QA requires overseeing testing for all of Wired’s games. When Jon isn’t testing/reporting, he can be found organising supporting the operations and support functions of both the company and launched products.


What's your favourite game?

Unbelievably hard for me as I love many games from every different genre. The Halo series does take a special place in my heart, however.

What's your first gaming memory?

One vivid memory would be playing Gran Turismo on the PS1 with my brother. Especially remember him throwing the controller every time he lost.

What's your favourite gaming genre?

Don't have a favourite, but Racing tends to be dominant for me

What is your longest time spent in a gaming session?

Around 20 hours or so, completing Halo 1, 2 and 3.

When given the choice - Good or Evil?

Depends on my mood, but mainly Good. Couldn't kill a single innocent person in Fable.

Do you take the silent - stealthy approach, or go in loud and proud?

Silent and stealthy normally comes first. Far easier to progress quickly.

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