Achim Heidelauf

Producer and Game Designer

About Achim

Successfully designing, producing and managing games on all major platforms since the mid 90s. Achim worked on Knights & Merchants, the PANZERS-Series, No Mans Land, Venetica, the EARTH 2150-Series, Toxic Mayhem - the TROMA Project, Black Mirror II + THQ Reboot, Victor Vran & the official Motörhead video game ...and many many more!



What's your favourite game?

I really can not name one. I just can't! But I must mention the ULTIMA series. The Bitmap Brothers' masterpiece CADAVER (and most of the other gems they put out). Everything that was ORIGIN SYSTEMS (Bioforge, Strike + Wing Commander). DOOM. ...countless more "favourite" games.

What's your first gaming memory?

Playing PONG in a dusty, creepy cellar at a friends house. He had the most odd gaming room, I tell you.

What's your favourite gaming genre?

Don't have one. My least favourite are (hardcore) simulation and sports games (minus racing).

What is your longest time spent in a gaming session?

43 years - still going!

When given the choice - Good or Evil?

Always good. As Lemmy said it is easy to be cruel and harder to be kind. I absolutely prefer the latter.

Do you take the silent - stealthy approach, or go in loud and proud?

I like both really. It is all in the mix. Variation, extremes, change is what I love.

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