Vostok Inc

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Vostok Inc packshot

on Switch
by Nosebleed Interactive

Live Rich and Be Prosperous!

Vostok Inc. is an action packed twin stick shooter combined with irresistibly addictive accumulative game play.

Do you love money? You’re the newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. As a greedy, space-capitalist your ultimate goal is to make as much as you can.

First, you’ll need to raise some start-up capital by twin-stick blasting enemies, asteroids and anything else that gets in your way; then embrace your new-found quest for moolah as you colonise, explore and exploit over 40 planets across 6 unique solar systems. Harvest planetary resources and rescue executives to multiply your profit margin, while you stay blissfully entertained with a whole host of captivating retro mini games that will keep you coming back for more.

Battle your way through each new solar system, take down evil bosses, enjoy a thumping customisable synth soundtrack, then kick back, relax and let the moolah roll in to make you filthy, stinking, rich!


  • Explore and exploit more than 40 planets over 6 solar systems.
  • Land on any planet to begin extracting resources.
  • Craft and upgrade an arsenal of 40+ diverse weapons and ship augmentations.
  • Collect loot from fallen enemies, bosses or environmental hazards.
  • Find and recruit managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy, and keep them happy to boost planetside production.
  • Play 13 minigames to unlock massive ship and weapon upgrades.
  • Enjoy an adaptive audio system, with music that constantly evolves as you play!
  • Use the same save game across a variety of devices.

Press Quotes

“The unique premise of Vostok Inc. breathes new life into the tired genre.” Gamingnexus

“Play responsibly – but most importantly, play!“ Pushsquare

“The manner in which developer Nosebleed Interactive has fused a clicker game to a twin-stick shooter and made sense of it is impressive.” PSU


'Clickers meet twin-sticks in a game that will eat your time like no other'

- Christian Donlan, Eurogamer


Game of the Show - EGX - Pass The Controller


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