Wired Loves Streamers

We love streamers!

Yep. We're in love. We've been working hard to find solutions that will enable us to pass on more streamer keys, whilst protecting content creators. In the world of Twitch, Youtube and Mixer, it's often difficult to find each other. Or often, smaller channels feel overwelmed in how to approach a publisher or feel it's a fishing exercise. We're pleased to share that we have partnered with KeyMailer to help us find more streamers, from new content creators to establishing channels.

Keymailer is a community tool that gives content creators of all levels a quick and easy way to request game keys for review from publishers and developers. It also protects the content creator’s identity, stops others passing themselves off as them, and also takes away a load of the admin that comes with running a channel.

A completely free service for content creators, through KeyMailer you can verify your accounts and then submit requests to us for keys. We take many things into consideration when viewing a streaming request, your number of subs is often not the primary item we look out for. We'd much rather you have smaller sub counts but higher watch counts with engagement on your channels and social media. Or if you're just starting out we can look at the type of posts and videos you're creating and see if it's something we think will fit with our games.

Ultimately we want to help support and grow channels and creators.

Games You Can Apply For Now!

  • Victor Vran: Overkill Edition
  • The Town of Light
  • Super Dungeon Bros

Apply for keys via: https://www.keymailer.co/link/wiredproductions

If you ever want to talk to a member of the community team, please drop an email to community@wiredproductions.com 

Wired Community Team

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