Wired Look Back On 2017

Well that was a good year!

As we start our 2018 adventure, we thought we should take a look back at the past 12 months, but to understand 2017, we actually have to go back to our beginings. Wired started in 2008 as a production house, literally in the livingroom and house of our founders. We went on to produce over 40 video games and 2016 saw stage one of our move into publishing, with 2017 seeing our final step of the transition into full publisher mode. And what a step it was!  2017 was a year where we launched six games across all platforms (We produced We Sing too!), we had our first Wired baby, travelled over 20,000 miles to talk about our game and meet players, rocked with Phill Campbell in Newcastle, sat with Lloyd Kaufman at the premier of Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High,  and worked with some incredible partners who supported our mission. We also had many KFC fridays (Follow us on Discord and you'll see alot of that!)

We started the year by taking an eye opening look into how mental health was treated in the early 1900’s. Bringing The Town of Light to console was an incredible experience for the whole team. From learning the history of mental health treatments and traveling to Tuscany to the site of a real asylum. Every member of the team took away something different from the experience. The launch of The Town of Light also kick started our look into modern day mental health issues and brought us together with Take This, a charity in America that specialises in helping people in the gaming community who are struggling with their mental health. We donated $10,000 to Take This and it's really lit something inside the team. We have big plans and feel we, as part of the gaming industry, have a large role and responisiblity to our players and their mental health. 2018 will see some big things announced from Wired and our friends in the gaming world. Ultimatly we want people to feel safe in the worlds we create and also be able to find resources and ways to share stories. The Town of Light is a fantastic example of using video games to tell a story and create a converstaion around subjects that suffer with stigma. We can't wait to share more about what we're doing.

At about the same time working on The Town of Light, we were also busy working with Haemimont Games to bring Victor Vran and two new expansions to console. This included the Motörhead Through the Ages expansion featuring Lemmy and Troma legend Lloyd Kaufman. Victor Vran is full throttle from start to finish and our London press event matched that. Lloyd Kaufman and Motörhead’s very own Phil Campbell were with us all day in a spooky London crypt where members of the press were given the chance to get a hands on experience of Victor. We also shot our own movie with Lloyd and very much embraced the word of Troma! The launch of both Victor Vran and The Town of Light gave us the chance to set up the Wired Store where you can find exclusive Collectors Editions of both games. We took both games around the globe, with stands at PAX, MCM, EGX and Rezzed to name just a few!

After launching two amazing games already, you would have thought we would take a break, but no. We just couldn’t stop ourselves bringing the amazing Max: Curse of Brotherhood and Surf World Series to PS4. Max is an amazing game that we felt needed to be seen by a wider audience and Surf is the perfect game for anyone who wants to hit the waves over winter.

As we got into winter we started preparing for the launch of our first 2 Nintendo Switch releases, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL and Vostok Inc.. After the success of Tiny Troopers on Xbox and PS4 we felt like Switch users needed to join the troops and get involved in worldwide campaign. Vostok Inc. was a clearly made for the Switch. The mix of twin stick shooter elements and passive game play make it perfect for commuting and playing on TV mode. Having the developer for Vostok Inc. in the UK has meant that we have been able to travel to the Nosebleed office in Newcastle Upon Tyne and film so amazing videos with both Andreas Fernigl, CEO Nosebleed Interactive, and Jimmy Goldman himself.

Beyond releasing games, we also grew our social channels, with YouTube hitting 2’000 subs, Twitch over 1’000 and we grew our Facebook and Twitter by 600%! We also launched our official Discord server, which fast became the hangout area for not only our team, but our community too.

As always, Wired is about relationships, We’ve had great support and wanted to mention a few names – firstly a massive shout out to THQ Nordic, who have been our long term partners, perticually Lars Klemens and Klemens Kreuzer and our spiritual partner, Pelle Lundborg.

We have a fanatic PR team that works around the world for us and our thanks goes to Gareth Willaims, Jeane Wong, Stefano Petrullo, and Dieter Marchsreiter. 

To our developers, Haemimont, LKA, Nosebleed Interactive, Flashbulb games, Vision and Kukouri – we love you all. Thank you for intrusting us to get your stories heard and played. A special mention goes out to our german brother Achim Heidelauf!

Lastly, thanks to the most important people: our small but growing community. Jake Smith, JinJar 247. Jolltz, LadyOberon, Sharkee77x, EternalNav, EternalSteph, FatPikachu, LukeGames_, David Eastwick and Lazzor, to name just a few – your support means the world to us. Thank you for being a part of the Wired family and joining us on our jorney.

So, 2017, you were incredible. We can’t wait to share details of what we’re doing in 2018, it’s going to be a pretty special year!