Victor Vran’s Motörhead Tracklist revealed

Since announcing Motörhead Through the Ages, one of the biggest questions we are asked is "What Motörhead tracks are you using?"

Today we can answer that question and reveal not only which tracks, but why!

To answer the question, we first need to go back to 2014 when the interest of the band in the project was what started it all. We originally intended to license a couple of tracks and that was it. But the more we talked, the more the question was raised “Why not do more than just the music? Let’s do a Motörhead GAME!” It was a close collaboration from the first minute.

The band was deeply involved in the process of creating the story and which quotes and anecdotes to include. Naturally, they also created the costumes that Victor Vran can wear!

Lemmy was involved the most, due to his major role in the game. And of course, when it came to the weapons – as everybody knows he was an avid collector of swords and knives. So, we got a lot of comments from him about the weapons concepts we created. It was a lot of fun to get Lemmy’s direct feedback which was, of course, never censored… couldn’t be more direct in fact, like “this one is total nonsense! It would f**king break in a few seconds when you use it! Make this part thicker!!”… “This is silly!! Scrap it!”

This level of support from the band really drove the concept of creating something that took players on a journey through the 40 years of Motörhead. We had to have a mix of old and more recent tracks, it had to be complete. in addition to the must-have classics like ‘Ace of Spades’ and hidden gems like ‘Jailbait’!

Aftershock was Motörhead’s most recent masterpiece – and the masterpiece of the record ‘Queen of the Damned’ was high on our must-have list from the start. From the very beginning of writing the game’s concept the team wanted to bring the Queen to life, she perfectly represented the battle between Rich and Poor and was one of the teams all-time-favourite Motörhead tracks!

What was generally important to us was to get as many instrumental versions as possible. One reason was a drive for even more exclusive fan-fest material that hadn’t been released, but the main reason was that listening to lyrics all the time during gameplay, can get distracting. Now we have the perfect mix – 13 tracks, old & new, plus 12 instrumentals, plus the crazy remixed “Monument of Rock” versions.

Because of the trust between band, management and developers we were given access to all the original recordings, even for the songs that go back almost 40 years. We were able to mess around with every separate layer, or stem, of each song. This was massive, to be allowed to play with those is something you don't generally get to do. Working on them and listening to them was like time travel, like walking right into the Roundhouse Studios sessions, back in the 70s.

In the game there are many special locations that feature a so-called “Monument of Rock”. When Victor activates such a monument, we are muting whatever track the general soundtrack is playing, and activate the monument’s own individual remix. That may start with just the bass playing, after a successfully defeated monster wave, another instrument gets added – or the vocals. It is always different and it makes the sound experience absolutely unique.

The monster-spawning phases are intertwined with the rhythm of the chosen song, thus making some “Monuments of Rock” escalate faster than others. In the end, when Victor defeats all the monsters, the song is complete and the monument spits out tons of treasures. A very fulfilling feeling which makes you long for the next one.

So, what are the songs?

Make sure to crank the volume up good and loud – it’s the only way to listen to Motörhead and to play the loudest video game in the world!:

  • ‘Motörhead – Motörhead, 1977
  • ‘Overkill’ – Overkill, 1979
  • ‘Stay Clean’ – Overkill, 1979
  • ‘Bomber’- Bomber, 1979
  • ‘Ace of Spades’- Ace of Spades, 1980
  • ‘Jail Bait’ – Ace of Spades, 1980
  • ‘Love Me Like a Reptile’ – Ace of Spades, 1980
  • ‘We are the Road Crew’- Ace of Spades, 1980
  • ‘Killed by Death’ – No Remorse, 1984
  • ‘Iron Fist’ – Iron Fist, 1985
  • ‘End of Time’ – Aftershock, 2013
  • ‘Paralyzed’ – Aftershock, 2013
  • ‘Queen of the Damned’ – Aftershock, 2013

Additionally, there are countless instrumentals and Monument-of-Rock remixes of the tracks in the game as well!


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