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  • Dec07

    Vostok Inc. is Out Now on Nintendo Switch!

    Live long and prosperous! Vostok Inc has taken off on the Nintendo Switch!

    We've had a great time getting Vostok ready for the Switch, from running a competition to win $100,000,000 (we've still not had an entry!) asking fans to check behind Uranus, launching a musical trailer and even setting a flat earth challenge! To finally have the Vostok blasting off with the Switch console is an incredible feeling! The Switch really is the home of Vostok Inc. and it's great to give the console it's first twin-stick action arcade clicker!

    To celebrate, after weeks of teasing with real live trailers, we created a pure gameplay trailer! So what are you waiting for? Raise some start-up capital by blasting enemies, asteroids and anything else that gets in your way! Embrace your newfound quest for...

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