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  • Nov15

    GRIP’s initial Steam post-launch updates are up!

    What's up racers!

    GRIP's gotten a few updates since launch last week on Steam, and we wanted to give you a list of the changes/fixes/improvements:

    • Updated laps and kills achievements to be more attainable (we can't math)
    • Crash bug fix for saving player progress state when playing in split-screen.
    • Steam avatars are now displayed correctly in many places within the MP UI.
    • Game Browser screen has been improved in terms of layout and interactivity.
    • Multiplayer lobby has been improved in terms of layout and interactivity.
    • Multiplayer spectator lobby has been improved in terms of layout and interactivity.
    • Bug fix for 3 or more players the garage where you can now all specify your vehicles (ongoing fixes).
    • Optional (see Game options) instantaneous look back / side when using the...
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  • Dec12

    Victor Vran Gets Updated

    Hunters, following the recent steam update, we're thrilled to share that we've now released the console update for Victor Vran: Overkill Edition! The Xbox One and PS4 update brings demon slaying fixes for Achievements/Trophies, alongside a few other tweaks! For those who bought the base game with DLC separate, an additional patch to bring these updates to those versions is in the works and shouldn't be too far behind the Overkill Edition.

    Update 15/12/17 - Great news, the Standard version of Victor Vran + Individual DLC's on PS4 has now been updated too!

    Here is the complete log of what is within the update:

    • "Overkill 12 Cassidy Boys" can now be completed
    • "Slay Vampire King" on Fracture Tier 20 can now be completed
    • "Live To Win" Achievement can now be completed
    • "Of the Fox"...
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  • Dec20

    Bros Updated on PC and PS4

    Hey everyone,

    The Super Dungeon Bros Update has landed on PS4 and PC in time for Christmas, with Xbox One to follow in early 2017! We have also now added compatibility for Mac - anyone who has downloaded on Steam will also be download the Mac version from today!

    The Update features a number of major changes from online multiplayer to overall usability and in-game functionality improvements, including;

    • Online Multiplayer – Bros and Broettes can now rock out with 2, 3 or 4 other players in On and Offline Co-Op Multiplayer with Private Lobbies also now available.
    • Improved Game Functionality – Significantly reduced load times, Single Player and Multiplayer revive functions now match each other, missions related to achievements have been corrected and characters now include an outline...
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  • Dec09

    Bro Update Coming Soon

    Big things incoming for Super Dungeon Bros!

    Hey Bro and Broettes!

    Changes are coming! We're rolling out a big update, just in time for the post turkey 4 player co-op on Christmas Day! Steam, PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to download the free update soon, which will unlock all the worlds online, add private lobbies, fix a number of bugs, sort the frame rate and loading times whilst making Super Dungeon Bros, even more BROmazing! Read the patch notes below and stay tuned for the live date!

    Keep up to date by following the Bros on Facebook, Twitter, the official Forum and watch them live on Twitch!

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     Bogheim now available in Online Multiplayer


     Chillheim now available in Online Multiplayer


     Outline of...

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