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  • Feb27

    The Town Of Light Joins Playstation Critic’s Choice Sale!

    Today The Town of Light has joined the US Playstation Critics Choice sale. For those in North America, you can gain up to 50% off with your PS+ subscription.

    In 2017, The town of Light won Drago D'Oro: Best Italian Videogame- Artistic Realisation.

    About The Town Of Light

    Play through the fictional eyes of Renée, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from the symptoms of mental illness. She is searching for answers to the many questions from her past, whilst exploring the place where she spent most of her youth. What happens next is a dark and emotional journey where the lines between entertainment, storytelling, and reality become very blurred indeed.

    To find out more, head over to the Town of Light product page!

    US Playstation Store :

  • Feb01

    The Town of Light is coming to Nintendo Switch!

    Today we shared the news that The Town of Light will be coming to Nintendo Switch! The Town of Light was created as a way to talk more about mental health and we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we have received around the world. We are delighted to continue our journey with LKA and bring The Town of Light, a game which has provoked valuable discussion around its subject matter, to an even greater audience.

    The Town of Light is an evocative and historically inspired exploration of mental health and its treatment in the mid-20th century.  Played through the fictional eyes of Renée, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from symptoms of mental illness, players must search for answers to the many questions of her past, while exploring and uncovering the place where she spent most of her youth....

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  • Sep05

    Leo Talks

    Three years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Luca Dalcò, the founder of LKA, a small indie developer from Italy. He presented a demo of The Town of Light. It blew me away and ticked so many personal and professional boxes: an Italian developer with a great game – a huge Italian heritage tick – based on a real asylum whose building still exists in Volterra, Tuscany – a huge PR tick – and a game that brings attention to mental health (something I am personally interested in) and highlights the atrocities of past treatments – tick, tick, tick.

    Thankfully, Wired had the privilege of publishing it on console recently, and it became the catalyst for starting a year-long campaign to raise awareness of mental health. We decided to give away proceeds from our sales of The Town of Light, and...

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  • Jul17

    Designing The Town of Light box art

    The Town of Light is a rich world, both in the context of its history and story, but one of its most standout elements is the incredible art. Produced in house by artists at Tuscany based studio, the illustrations within the game underpin some of the story’s most poignant and heart-breaking moments and through Renée’s Diary give additional depth to the game’s young protagonist.

    So here is a question that we faced – ‘For a story so rich in emotion, how do we capture that in one image from the box-art?’

    Above: Six early box artwork concepts for The Town of Light

    We looked at concepts old and new - by the time we became involved in the project a huge breadth of art, including the diary, had already been produced. Within the diary (the segments of which can be found in game around...

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  • Jun21

    The Town of Light: Destigmatising Mental Health Featurette

    Discover the truth about the history and ideas behind #TheTownofLight. Luca Dalcò and Charcot Asylum social worker, Angelo Lippitalk, talk about what went into creating the award-winning video game, out now on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam!

    Watch Now!

    About The Town of Light

    Play through the eyes of Renée, a 16-year-old girl who suffers from the symptoms of mental illness. She is searching for answers to the many questions from her past, whilst exploring the place where she spent most of her youth. Guide Renée through a dark and emotional journey where the lines between entertainment, storytelling and reality blur.

    For more information on The Town of Light, visit: | |

  • Jun06

    The Town of Light is out now!

    Out Now on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam!

    This morning we launched the chilling, first-person psychological adventure game The Town of Light - available in physical and digital formats on PlayStatyion 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

    It's been an incredible and emotional journey bringing The Town of Light to console. To celebrate we've also launched a new trailer highlighting the game’s solemn, yet mysterious narrative HERE.

    Fans of the game can grab the exclusive The Town of Light Collector’s Edition, which includes never-before-seen behind the scenes footage in addition to a stunning 100-page artbook, from the Wired Productions Store.

    The aim of The Town of Light was to talk about mental illness. This is one of the single biggest issues affecting the day to day lives of people throughout Europe and the world. In telling these...

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  • May30


    Exclusive Motörhead Merchandise & Inspiring Photo Books Star in New Collector’s Editions

    Watford, U.K – May 30, 2017 – Wired Productions, an independent videogames publisher is pleased to announce the launch of its online store to support the launches of Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, developed by Haemimont Games and The Town of Light, developed by  The collector’s editions for each game will be available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows.  

    As part of its commitment to its development partners and fans alike, the online store will offer exclusive collectors editions which go beyond traditional initiatives, with more content, incredible value and unique offerings, including specially created extremely limited edition products.

    The Wired Productions Store launches...

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  • May04

    The Town of Light: Out June 6th 2017

    Today we confirmed that the chilling, first-person psychological adventure game The Town of Light will be released on June 6, 2017 in physical and digital formats!

    Featuring numerous improvements and new supporting content for its console debut, The Town of Light is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. 

    To celebrate, we've released a new live action trailer, The Shadow of Memories - shot in 4K, featuring the heart-rending track ‘I Will Find You’ from Icelandic singer-songwriter Sóley.

    Set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum – a former mental treatment facility based in Tuscany, Italy – The Town of Light is based on extensive research and inspired by first-hand accounts of the asylum’s patients.

    This new release of The Town of Light will offer a host of new puzzles, new...

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  • Mar31

    Renée Unmasked

    Luca Dalcò, the studio head at developer and screenwriter for The Town of Light, went on camera to talk about the game’s protagonist Renée. The video gives you a glimpse into her creation and helps you to understand what she meant to the team.

    When creating Renée, LKA tried to imagine what the protagonist could feel and built up her story with immense detail, as if she were a real person. They produced hundreds of pages documenting her story to show and understand ourselves how she looks, how she acts and how she feels. 

    For the full story, please watch the video within this page or click here.

    For the latest news check out The Town of Light's Facebook and Twitter pages!

  • Mar17

    The Town of Light Wins at The Golden Dragon Awards

    Last night at The Golden Dragon Awards in Italy, we were very proud and honoured for The Town of Light to win Best Artistic Achievement!

    This is a great moment for the team at LKA, who have poured their hearts into the story of Renée. LKA is a true independent Italian developer based in Florence, for such a big and emotional game, the team is only 5 strong. Work first started back in 2014, with screenwriter and art and technical director Luca Dalcò spending months researching the issues the title deals with. They painstakingly recreated the real-life Italian asylum, Volterra, which shut down in the 1970s and the game is a testament to their hard work and commitment. The visuals and art of The Town of Light play a huge role in creating the emotion and the atmosphere. Through this, you...

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  • Jan19

    Wired heads into The Town of Light

    This week we were delighted to announce that we've teamed up with to bring the haunting title, The Town of Light, to Xbox One and PS4.

    The Town of Light is a first-person psychological adventure game set in the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum. It's a game that we have played for the past year. It's haunting, difficult to stomach at moments - with the only horror being the truth behind the story. Although Renee is fictional, her struggles, her ordeals, her pain, are all based on extensive research into both patient accounts and well documented medical practices. History is filled with some shocking moments where we, as humans, through ignorance, misunderstanding or lack of compassion made deplorable decisions. The Town of Light forces you to discover that truth. It's a game that...

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