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  • Aug28

    Victor Hunts on Switch!

    Separate Skulls from Bodies with Wonton Abandon in biggest ARPG on Nintendo Switch

    We're delighted to finally be at launch day, or slay day, for Victor Vran on Nintendo Switch! Enabling our fans to play wherever, whenever and with whomever they chose is a dream come true for the team, who first starting drawing up plans for a new ARPG way back in 2014! Victor Vran: Overkill Edition offers so much critically acclaimed content that will bring hundreds of hours of enjoyment to Switch players, as the biggest ARPG on handhelds released so far!  Both players and retail have been calling out for a true ARPG on the Nintendo Switch and we’re thrilled that the team at Haemimont games has delivered a truly exceptional title. You can learn more about the game by either visiting our Product Page, or the Official Website!

    Avid Victor Vran fans can grab the Motörhead Collector’s...

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  • Jun21

    Victor goes hunting August 28th

    We're thrilled to reveal that the monstrously-popular action-RPG Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, will rise again and slay demons on Nintendo Switch, August 28th 2018! Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is the first game of its kind to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. A masterpiece both technically and in its gameplay, Haemimont Games’ classic action-RPG will be a must-have addition for Switch owners around the world. Victor Vran has taken us on an incredible journey, from working with Lemmy and Motörhead, to seeing so many players love the game as we do; it's been a real privilege – we’re excited for Victor’s appearance on the Switch platform!

    To celebrate the team put togeter a new trailer, check it out below...

    Click here to find out where to pre-order!

    About Victor Vran
    Victor Vran is an...

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  • Jul25

    Building Motorhead Through The Ages

    People often ask how the Victor Vran expansion, Motörhead Through The Ages, came to be. How the hell do you get a rock band in an ARPG? To answer this, Creative Producer, Achim Heidelauf fills us in on what went down, and surprisingly it all started in Germany, 24 years ago...

    When it comes to Lemmy, the first memory I have is me sitting in front of a TINY TV with my best friend back then, Michael. He got a crappy copy of the movie Eat the Rich on VHS. This is when I heard Motörhead the first time and when I saw Lemmy the first time. And man, he was so fucking cool and real... and a bit scary! I was so impressed. And the MUSIC man. I watched the end credits with DOC ROCK so often that the fucking tape broke eventually!

    My earliest "meeting him" memory was when I was brought into his...

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  • Jun06

    Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is out now!

    Out Now on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam!

    Today we launched Victor Vran: Overkill Edition!

    Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, the definitive, content-loaded console debut of the award-winning, demon-hunting action RPG Victor Vran makes it's valiant return to Windows PC and hunts its way for the very first time onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! So what is in the Overkill Edition I hear you cry out!... Well, of course, the much-beloved original game is packed into the box, but also the eagerly awaited Motörhead: Through the Ages and Fractured Worlds - additions all wrapped into one definitive, kick-ass, package! (oh - and how about a set of exclusive Art Cards!)

    No new release date is without a brand new trailer - and you can check it out HERE!

    For fans, this is just the beginning, available later in June, Motörheadbangers and...

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  • May31

    Victor Vran’s Motörhead Tracklist revealed

    Since announcing Motörhead Through the Ages, one of the biggest questions we are asked is "What Motörhead tracks are you using?"

    Today we can answer that question and reveal not only which tracks, but why!

    To answer the question, we first need to go back to 2014 when the interest of the band in the project was what started it all. We originally intended to license a couple of tracks and that was it. But the more we talked, the more the question was raised “Why not do more than just the music? Let’s do a Motörhead GAME!” It was a close collaboration from the first minute.

    The band was deeply involved in the process of creating the story and which quotes and anecdotes to include. Naturally, they also created the costumes that Victor Vran can wear!

    Lemmy was involved the most, due to his...

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  • May30


    Exclusive Motörhead Merchandise & Inspiring Photo Books Star in New Collector’s Editions

    Watford, U.K – May 30, 2017 – Wired Productions, an independent videogames publisher is pleased to announce the launch of its online store to support the launches of Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, developed by Haemimont Games and The Town of Light, developed by  The collector’s editions for each game will be available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows.  

    As part of its commitment to its development partners and fans alike, the online store will offer exclusive collectors editions which go beyond traditional initiatives, with more content, incredible value and unique offerings, including specially created extremely limited edition products.

    The Wired Productions Store launches...

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  • Apr27

    Victor Vran Overkill Edition: Out June 6th 2017

    Update 15/05/2017

    Hunters! Today we need to let you know that the release date for Victor Vran: Overkill Edition has now changed to June 6th. We always wanted to make Victor Vran: Overkill Edition a special experience for fans of Motörhead and Victor Vran alike. To make it even more unique the physical edition of the game includes a stunning collection of art cards which we hope you will enjoy. In order to ensure that these could be enjoyed by Victor Vran fans around the world we made the difficult decision to move the release date. Thank you for being amazing fans and we hope you’re as excited for June 6th as we are!  



    Great news for Victor Vran fans... we've announced the release date!

    We are delighted to confirm 30th May as the release date for Victor Vran Overkill Edition,...

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  • Apr12

    Lloyd Kaufman talks Victor Vran, Lemmy and Motörhead

    "He had this idea for this Victor Vran game. I told Motörhead that I thought the project was worthy" Lloyd Kaufman.

    In our latest video, Troma director, founder and CEO, Lloyd Kaufman talks about his role in Victor Vran, his friendship with Lemmy and how he ended up in Motörhead Through the Ages!

    Watch the video on this page or jump to the YouTube post!

    Neil | Community Manager

    Victor Vran Overkill Edition, is a critically acclaimed Action RPG from well-renowned development studio, Haemimont Games. Experience intense combat in your role as Victor, a demon bounty hunter laden with troubles from a past life that weigh heavily on his shoulders. Forge your own hero on a quest to rid the cursed city of Zagoravia from demonic monsters and malevolent creatures. Dodge deadly attacks from...

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