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  • Dec12

    GRIP: Combat Racing Roadmap

    Following the successful launch across Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (including Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service!) we've unveiled the timeline for future content (and fixes) to showcases a variety of upcoming developments, from game balancing enhancements through to all new tracks and modes, all engineered to ensure GRIP: Combat Racing remains a competitive and engaging experience!

    Read on for more information on each:

    DECEMBER: TRACK FIXES (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

    • Fixed invisible walls appearing on level Rust
    • Fixed hole in second tunnel on track LIT.
    • Fixed crashes for private online tournaments for the client

    JANUARY: BIG ASS UPDATE (All formats)

    • Major updates to AI behaviour
    • Achievement Value Tweaks
    • Leaderboard...
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  • Dec11



    Making the top 100 is no easy feat with GRIP being up against some amazing games this year - thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! The field has narrowed from 1,565 games to 100, and a final week of voting has commenced to decide the winner. Be sure to keep spreading the word and please tap the link below. To vote needs no signing in or registration, just one click!

    Help us push up the ranking with just two taps!

  • Oct29

    GRIP is Joining Xbox Game Pass at Launch!

    We’re delighted to have partnered with our friends at Microsoft to unleash GRIP: Combat Racing on Xbox Games Pass! Knowing players across the globe are readying themselves to link up for countless multiplayer showdowns on tracks (and walls!) as they unleash a deluge of missiles, is a mouth-watering prospect! At launch, simply head to Game Pass on your console, or via!


    About GRIP: Combat Racing:

    GRIP: Combat Racing celebrates the re-emergence of blindingly fast arcade combat racers. The game will see racers hurtling their way around 22 breath-taking tracks, driving one of 15 armoured cars; while deploying a bristling arsenal of 9 outlandish weapons and power-ups. Built on Unreal® Engine 4, the game accelerates ahead of the racing crowd by offering players gravity-defying...

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  • Oct25

    It’s not dead but it is red…

    Combat Racing is back and today, while the world talks riding horses, we worked with Nintendo to show real horsepower with gravity-defying action!

    Watch the first reveal of Nintendo Switch gameplay now!


    Pre-order from Nintendo UK to receive the OST for free or see where else you can grab your copy HERE!

  • Oct09

    GRIP: Combat Racing Collector’s Edition

    Featuring 24 drum & bass tracks licensed from the likes of Hospital Records for GRIP: Combat Racing – the highly-anticipated spiritual successor to Rollcage is hurtling to retail on 6th Nov!

    Hot from the tarmac (or lava-filled canyons... or snow-covered drifts... ahh you get the idea) is the reveal of the extremely limited Collector's Edition for GRIP: Combat Racing! Limited to just 300 available to purchase, these will go down in history with fans and is a nod to not only the history and legacy of GRIP, but also what many players have loved since first switching the engines on during early access... sick, hard beats!

    As part of our Collector's Edition reveal, we are honoured to announce the London-based independent record label, Hospital Records have provided a sensational selection of licensed drum & bass tracks for GRIP!

    Fans will receive a Double Vinyl, CD and MP3 Download to make sure they can bang out the songs wherever they are, in addition to incredible exclusive...

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  • Jul16

    EGX 2018

    S'up! As we start to plan and get ready for one of our favorite shows (EGX!!) we’re on the hunt for some amazing volunteers who live in or near Birmingham!

    We’re looking for volunteers who can help cover the Wired gaming area and merchandise stand! Of course, as per the name, this is a volunteer role, so whilst the work is unpaid, we will provide you with some Wired merchandise to wear during the event, plus we'll sort you out with copies of the games on show!

    When not on the stand, you'll be able to explore the show during breaks... and as you'll be in the hall before it opens, you'll have the opportunity to beat some queues and be one of the first to play whatever big game is on your tick list!

    If you’re over 18 years of age and would like to apply, please fill in the below form! on
  • Jun07

    GRIP: Cross The Line - New Trailer Released!

    Watch the latest GRIP trailer, Cross The Line!

    We're thrilled to show the latest trailer GRIP, to all our out-of-this-world speed demon fans!

    GRIP is a ferociously fast, futuristic arcade combat racer – arriving on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam in Fall 2018. Members of the original team behind the classic arcade combat racer, Rollcage have come together with fans to celebrate the re-emergence of blindingly fast arcade racers;  offering a true, wheel-gripping racing experience - where utter destruction serves one true purpose: be the first to cross the finish line.

    Taking full advantage of the current generation of gaming hardware, GRIP accelerates ahead of the racing crowd by offering players speeds of over 767 mph - making it the fastest...

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  • Mar20

    Futuristic Combat Racer GRIP Coming to retail this year!


    Today we are thrilled to announce GRIP, the futuristic combat racer is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2018! Fully charged with wheels-to-the-wall action!

    Evolved from the age of street racing, the world of GRIP is brutal and cut-throat to the core. To win the race is never enough, greatness comes from the journey and the trail of merciless destruction you unleash upon your rivals along the way. 

    Scale walls, ceilings and anything else you can get your tyres on to... as you master tantalising tracks, tricks and perform mind-blowing stunts to race your way across the cosmos. Customise your vehicle, utilise devastating weapons and exploit a destructible environment to ensure not only victory, but the complete annihilation of your opponents.

    Find out...

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