• Dec04

    Victor Vran: Overkill Edition to Launch in Japan

    Slaying demons February 14, 2019!

    Since launching our Publishing division in late 2016, Wired's distribution network has grown to over 40 countries, demonstrating our reach and support for physical retail with key partnerships. Today we announced the award-winning Victor Vran will...

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  • Nov29


    (or just watch it)

    Take to the tracks, walls, ceilings, and rocks with GRIP: Combat Racing!

    Out now on on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Check out the accolades trailer to see what critics have been saying! Start your race here or read some more...

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  • Nov15

    GRIP’s initial Steam post-launch updates are up!

    What's up racers!

    GRIP's gotten a few updates since launch last week on Steam, and we wanted to give you a list of the changes/fixes/improvements:

    • Updated laps and kills achievements to be more attainable (we can't math)
    • Crash bug fix for...
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  • Nov09


    The rubber is burning and the lights are off, GRIP: Combat Racing has hit the tracks (and walls)... here’s a selection of the reviews so far.

    "The launch version of Grip is a hefty chunk of racer. 23 tracks, plus 5 arena battle maps and 19...

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  • Nov06

    GRIP: Combat Racing is Out Now!

    Racing and retail set to be turned upside down today as Wired Productions and Caged Element reignite the combat racing genre!


    Check out the launch trailer for GRIP: Combat Racing - 

    Creating GRIP has taken us on a twisting, flipping rollercoastering of a ride! Going from prototype, through early access,...

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  • Oct29

    GRIP is Joining Xbox Game Pass at Launch!

    We’re delighted to have partnered with our friends at Microsoft to unleash GRIP: Combat Racing on Xbox Games Pass! Knowing players across the globe are readying themselves to link up for countless multiplayer showdowns on tracks (and walls!) as...

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  • Oct25

    It’s not dead but it is red…

    Combat Racing is back and today, while the world talks riding horses, we worked with Nintendo to show real horsepower with gravity-defying action!

    Watch the first reveal of Nintendo Switch gameplay now!


    Pre-order from Nintendo UK to...

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  • Oct15

    Victor Vran slays on Games With Gold!

    Games with Gold October Titles Revealed

    On last months Inside Xbox show Major Nelson revealed the Games with Gold games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 for October, and we were delighted to share that Wired's own Victor Vran was hitting the platform...

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  • Oct09

    GRIP: Combat Racing Collector’s Edition

    Featuring 24 drum & bass tracks licensed from the likes of Hospital Records for GRIP: Combat Racing – the highly-anticipated spiritual successor to Rollcage is hurtling to retail on 6th Nov!

    Hot from the tarmac (or lava-filled canyons... or snow-covered drifts... ahh you get the idea) is the reveal of the extremely limited Collector's Edition for GRIP: Combat Racing! Limited to just 300 available to purchase, these will go down in...

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  • Oct01

    Announcing Wordhunters™ and Just Deal With It!™!

    Two new PlayStation 4 titles launching November 14th!

    We’re delighted to be bringing more broad-reaching content to gamers as part of the PlayLink range for PlayStation 4 this holiday season! With an incredible product pipeline for 2018, 2019 and beyond already confirmed, including GRIP: Combat...

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