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  • Nov09


    The rubber is burning and the lights are off, GRIP: Combat Racing has hit the tracks (and walls)... here’s a selection of the reviews so far.

    "The launch version of Grip is a hefty chunk of racer. 23 tracks, plus 5 arena battle maps and 19 platforming challenges at launch, and the usual collection of single-player, online and split-screen modes. It’s pointedly retro, with a pounding yet old-school drum & bass soundtrack (courtesy of Hospital Records, who also had a hefty presence in Forza Motorsport 4) that takes me back. For those who never played Rollcage, Grip is very similar to Mario Kart. You go fast, you drive dirty, you shoot your friends and watch out for the dreaded blue shell equivalent if you’re in first place" - Rock Paper Shotgun

    "The fast and furious nature of GRIP lends...

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