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  • Jul17

    Designing The Town of Light box art

    The Town of Light is a rich world, both in the context of its history and story, but one of its most standout elements is the incredible art. Produced in house by artists at Tuscany based studio, the illustrations within the game underpin some of the story’s most poignant and heart-breaking moments and through Renée’s Diary give additional depth to the game’s young protagonist.

    So here is a question that we faced – ‘For a story so rich in emotion, how do we capture that in one image from the box-art?’

    Above: Six early box artwork concepts for The Town of Light

    We looked at concepts old and new - by the time we became involved in the project a huge breadth of art, including the diary, had already been produced. Within the diary (the segments of which can be found in game around...

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