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  • Jul28



    As you may have heard, we’ve been working on new content and updates for Super Dungeon Bros. We’ve been listening to all your comments and we’re really excited about where we’re at.

    So what’s happening? Firstly, a big update is incoming:

    • Steam matchmaking and invites are fixed
    • Major Performance tweaks
    • Shard exchange adjusted for all weapons
    • New helmets
    • New weapon class
    • Wand weapon balancing
    • Fixed enemy stun issues
    • Weapon detail info reflects weapons better

    In addition to this, what we’re really excited about is a brand new, built from the ground up, Horde Mode! This takes place in the Bro’s home, with waves after waves attacking. Up to four player offline co-op brawling! It’s fun, fast passed and coming soon for free!

    We’ve spent time going over and testing and now we...

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  • Oct18

    14 DAYS TO BRO!

    Today we're going to look at Shards!

    Shards are collected by defeating Mini-Bosses and the main Boss characters from each world. Players will then be randomly given a selection of shards depending on how quickly the character was defeated and how much energy or lives are lost by the player during the battle.

    Shards can also...

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  • Oct16

    15 DAYS TO BRO!


    We're here! The finish line is in sight. Well... that's not actually true. For us, the starting line is in sight. We compare to sports here. Athletes spend years preparing, toning and conditioning their bodies for that one race. And for us, we certainly haven't been conditioning our bodies (KFC Fridays) but we have been working hard with developer React in creating a title that we are really proud of. So the finish line is not in sight, but that release date, that starting line, very much is!

    So what's going to happen when the klaxon blasts and the Bros are released into the wild? 

    Super Dungeon Bros has been designed as the perfect couch or online co-op. We want gamers to have fun. That's what the whole game is about. This might be stacking Axl, Freddie, Lars and Ozzie and...

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  • Oct10

    Feeling Beta

    Good afternoon!

    We've beed asked one thing a lot since we annouced Super Dungeon Bros... One thing that we know you've wanted... later this week, we'll be sharing more information!