Super Dungeon Bros Updated!

This week we have rolled out a community led update to our epic 4 player couch co-op Super Dungeon Bros!

We've received so much support and feedback since we launched November 1st - with this update coming as a direct result of what gamers told us they wanted updated! The update has rolled out to PlayStation and Steam PlayStation and Steam (with xbox coming very soon), Update 1.02 adds the much requested ability to play online with just two or three players as well as improved loading times (about half of what they were).We also listened to feedback around the Pain Hailer, decreasing reload time, increasing movement speed whilst charging and increasing ammo capacity! There are general game-play fixes on issues raised by the community too.

We have a big Update coming in time for Christmas and we look forward to sharing more soon!




Purchased soundtracks not installing

Soundtrack bundle purchase now works correctly


Spawn off map - Cryptheim

The number of times bros are spawning off the map incorrectly have been greatly reduced and we're continuing to investigate.


Achievement "Well Rounded" broken

Achievement / Trophy has been fixed and works as intended.


Tweak Pain Hailer crossbow

Crossbow ammo count is now 18 and reload speed has been halved


Allow for 2 & 3 player online sessions

Online matchmaking now has a countdown timer when a connection to  a player is successful. Should the countdown timer reach zero, an online game will play begin with that number of players. Should 4 players be found, then the countdown will end and the players will transition to the lobby as normal. Only on Quest mode.


Load Times

Loading times reduced by half on initial load up to 1st depth


Cryptheim puzzle room has a blocker

Blocker has been removed and now works as intended

Xbox versions of Patch 1.02 will be launching very soon and we'll update when each is live!

Let us know your thoughts once you have download - you can share in the Super Dungeon Bros Forum, Steam page or our Twitter and Facebook!