Super Dungeon Bros Reloaded

Red pill or blue pill?

The Bros are back and reloaded!

The Bros were created by React Games, a small but dedicated team in Utah, United States. Together we read every single comment and review about Super Dungeon Bros, we saw the passion and enjoyment people were getting from the Bros, but we also saw the frustration some were having. Multiplayer had some connection problems and people wanted to have more control over who they played with online (and with how many people!). So we launched an update in January that brought better match making and the ability to play online with 2 or 3 bros, instead of locking in at 4.

Since then the team at React have brought in some new faces and have continued to worked hard to bring in the changes you told us you wanted. There have been sleepless nights, long days and blood and sweat poured into this build, on both sides of the pond! React worked with Unity to completely overhaul the game to the latest Unity build, which allowed significant improvements in the preformance. Every single weapon was tweaked based on what gamers were saying they wanted.

What always stood out, when people talked about what they loved, was the couch co-op element. Being able to sit on the sofa, play with another friend (or three other friends!) and work together to brawl through dungeons, collect shards and figuring out some of the puzzles. We have seen some fantastic videos (our favourite here) so we looked at what we could do to expand that. Today, we’re super happy to announce a brand new couch horde mode! Pick your best bros and battle wave after wave of enemies, earning shards and a permanent speed buff! Even better, as a thank you to all our Bros and Broettes, the new horde mode is completely FREE for all players! Now and forever! It’s live right now on Steam and Xbox, with PS4 launching next week and Windows 10 not long after.

The PS4 launch will also bring PS4 Pro support, with 4k rendering, and we’ve launched a range of new weapons and helmets as DLC that gamers can purchase, should you want to Bro a little more than others. The full patch notes are below. From the whole team behind Super Dungeon Bros, at React and Wired, we want to say thank you. Thank you for your support, for being honest but constructive and for understanding the time it’s taken us to bring this update. We hope you enjoy it. We've poured everything into making the Bros as fun as it can be, and please do leave reviews, get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook with your thoughts, or even email we'll email every single person back!

You can check out Super Dungeon Bros on Steam, Xbox , Windows and PlayStation.

Patch Notes

• New Horde Mode

Fight unlimited enemies as you defend the Bro Shack in an couch play exclusive mode. Earn shards as you play and get a permanent speed buff as you collect the Horde mode Records that drop after every boss wave.

• New Weapon Class

Idols play unlike the other weapons, with a projectile launch and explode system. There are various AoE effects for each Idol that play to your choice of style.

• New Helmets

You can be silly with a paper bag or a brew mug hat, or serious with a slick knight helmet. With 8 new options, you can customize your bro or broette to be more personalized.

• Wand Weapon Balancing

After tweaking the Swords and the Crossbows, it became obvious that the Wands needed some attention. Projectiles are more accurate and the damage numbers have been adjusted.

• Performance Tweaks

Along with upgrading to a newer version of Unity, we also found a few places that we were able to optimize. It runs better than ever before.

• Fixed Enemy Stun Issues

Sometimes the hammer would not stun an enemy properly. This has been fixed.

• Weapon Detail Info Updated

After the balancing of Swords, Crossbows and Wands, the display numbers needed to be adjusted. This makes it a bit more clear as to where the strengths lie.

• PS4 Pro

We've added a checkbox within the menu system that will activate 4k rendering!

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