For our first 'Talk with the community,' we caught up with streamer, Aravelle! Make sure you check out her links below!

What are your channel links?

My channel links are:, and

How long have you been streaming and what made you start?

The first time I streamed was back in September 2015. I'd started making Youtube videos and my followers on Twitter kept asking me if I was going to try streaming. I was really nervous because there's no editing my weirdness out of a stream but I gave it a shot with a relaxed Hearthstone stream. I was so nervous I could hardly concentrate on the game but it got me hooked on streaming

How often do you Stream?

I stream 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9pm GMT. I'd love to stream more but I have a full time job which makes it difficult as well as trying to support all the other amazing streamers that I have met.  

what makes a good streamer

What makes a good streamer, in my opinion, is someone that loves interacting with people and that can have fun and be engaging if they only have 1 viewer or a thousand viewers.  It's all about personality I think. I'm more likely to watch a streamer that I can have a laugh with and engages with chat than a pro-gamer.  Sure, some gaming ability is helpful (I have none though). Fun, banter, a welcoming and inclusive community and great content.  You can't go wrong with that!

What is your all-time favourite game

Choosing a favourite game is tough! I've adored World of Warcraft for about 11 years now and there's still things to discover and do that I've never tried. I'm a lover of the Telltale games as well because I love a good story, that's the writer in me and Wolf Among Us is so great for that.  I'm living for Sea of Thieves at the moment though...see I can't just pick one... Oh oh and Halo 3...

Which Wired game have you enjoyed streaming the most?

I've streamed Victor Vran and loved it but I have to confess that my favourite Wired game to stream was Super Dungeon Bros.  We played it for Gameblast this year as a group and my face hurt from laughing from not only our failures and reactions to the bosses etc but the in-game humour as well.

What are your hopes for your channel?

Not gonna lie the dream would be to go fulltime, hanging out with my community all day everyday would be brilliant. I'm coming close to my 3 year anniversary of streaming in September and I still love it as much as I did when I first went live. I think being able to still have an amazing time every stream and have people that still come along since the first stream all that time ago, that I'm not doing too bad really. Although I would like to hit my 2K follower goal (shameless hint).

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