EGX 2017

What a great week!

The Wired away team packed their bags (and consoles) and hit the road to Birmingham for five days of gaming at EGX! Going along for the ride was The Town of Light, Victor Vran, Super Dungeon Bros, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and a very special game we’ll be talking more about this week!

EGX means two things to us, here at Wired. Firstly, we get to break free from the desks we hide at and see the amazing folk in our community, and secondly we get to eat a lot of steaks each evening as we fuel ourselves for the 40 hour’s worth of standing and talking to our gamers (which we love doing!)

Situated in the wonderful Rezzed zone, alongside our friends at Team 17 and Curve Digital, we had a blast showing off the latest Wired titles. It was GREAT to see so many faces from our community – including Victor Vran star, Doug Cockle, who dropped by to check on the demon slaying activity.

Both Victor Vran and The Town of Light had great launches, and both were at EGX last year for their debut. It was amazing to have so many fans come up and congratulate us on the launch of Victor, or share a touching story about how The Town of Light had affected them. This was also the first time Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was shown on PlayStation 4! Introducing Max and his brother to a whole new audience was incredible, to see families sit down together and enjoy Max’s world is fantastic. We’re really excited for his launch, which will be just in time for Christmas! Our last game at the show was Super Dungeon Bros, which as just gone through a major relaunch (Read more HERE) The bros always go down well at every show we go to. It’s the perfect environment to showcase the Bromazing couch co-op gameplay that the bros was designed for. Our latest update, live now on all formats, brings a brand new horde mode that will take true team work to get through!

So, we’re back in the office. The show is complete. The consoles are back in the warehouse and we’re sat reflecting on how awesome the show was, how much we love what we do, and how much we really want another steak.

See you next year EGX!

Wired x