To celebrate the upcoming launch of Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, we've created a very special set of Destiny cards! For a chance to win a pack, head over to the Victor Vran Twitter page!

How to play:

  • The youngest of the hunt must shuffle and deal the cards face down. Hunters must stack their cards, with the top card face up. The eldest hunter will start the battle by crying out a stat and value (e.g Attack, Value 5). Other hunters must cry their own value from the same stat.
  • The winner is the hunter with the highest value. They must take all the top cards and add those cards to the bottom of their stack. Then call out a stat from their next card. If two or more values are the same, place those cards in the middle. The same hunter must choose another stat from the next card. Whoever wins must also collect the cards in the middle.
  • The glorious VICTOR is the hunter who has obtains all the cards!


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