Broettes announced for all platforms!

The Broettes - Group Shot

Today we announced that our upcoming rock-themed, co-op dungeon brawler Super Dungeon Bros will include an all new set of characters, known as the Broettes, available as free downloadable content from the day of launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam, available in-game through the Bro-Shack!

'The Broettes Character Pack', features a hit squad of dangerous Broettes set to wreak havoc throughout Rökheim. Patti, Nyx, Lita and Jett are hell bent on restoring the long lost rock stars of old! As part of the 'The Broettes Character Pack' fans will also gain access to ‘The Marauder Helmet Pack’ featuring a range of totally awesome helmets to trick out their Bros and Broettes including the ‘Iron Rhino’, the ‘Centurion’, the ‘Marauder’ and the ‘Water Mine’.

Meet The Broettes

Patti: Illuminating the dark recesses of Rökheim, Patti is an eternally happy soul.  Positivity is her mantra and nothing will diminish her uplifting spirit.

The Broettes - Patti

Nyx: Always ahead of the latest trends, Nyx is the go to girl for all things now.  Pessimism overrules her wise mind but her loyalty is strong.

The Broettes - Nyx

Lita: With a penchant for cats & strategic dismemberment (not mutually exclusive), Lita has the voice of an angel and the mind of a killer.

The Broettes - Lita


Jett: Raised in a brutal society and highly trained in combat, Jett is a confrontational assassin and unafraid of what lies around the corner.  There is no other way than Jett’s way, remember that!

  The Broettes - Jett 

The Meet the Broettes trailer

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