Hey Troopers! Tiny Troopers Joint Ops has been available for some time now as a cross buy title on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and we hope you’ve all been enjoying the twin stick arcade shooter!  

In case you’re not familiar with Tiny Troopers Joint Ops, check out this previous article on the PlayStation blog which includes a brief Q&A, or this article which provides you with some useful hints and tips!

We’ve been busy working away on a brand new Zombie Campaign that we’re delighted to announce as coming soon to all PlayStation formats! 

As part of the Zombie Campaign DLC, players will be able to get their hands on eight brand new Zombie packed missions which vary from assembling your troops and rolling them out to eliminate all of the threats; to protecting your soldiers against the incoming stream of relentless undead, to surviving against all odds until backup can arrive, and making sure all operating systems are still up-and-running throughout the Zombie apocalypse.

Check out the brand new Zombie Campaign trailer below.

Furthermore, as part of the Zombie Campaign DLC, players will also get the opportunity to unlock two new trophies

In case you don’t already have Tiny Troopers Joint Ops in your PlayStation arsenal, head on over to the PlayStation Store and grab your copy now!  As it’s a cross buy title, you’ll get the game on all 3 formats with 1 single purchase!

We’ll be back soon to confirm more details on the Zombie Campaign DLC.  Until then, take a look through the screenshots & trailer to get a ‘taste’ of what’s to come!

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