Reddit AMA with Achim Heidelauf, Creative Producer of Victor Vran

Whether You’re Wondering What it Takes to Make a Great Action RPG or Just Curious if He Would Rather Fight 100 Duck-Sized Horses, Join Achim on July 20 at the iama Subreddit

We are delighted to invite fans to join Motörheadbanger, Friend of Lemmy Kilmister and Executive Producer of Victor Vran, Achim Heidelauf of Haemimont Games, for an official Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session at 12pm EST (5pm BST) on Thursday, July 20, 2017 on the IAmA/ subreddit.

Achim will be primed and ready to answer anything; whether the questions involve his time spent developing Victor Vran and the recently released Victor Vran: Overkill Edition – including its Motörhead: Through the Ages content addition, his relationships with Lemmy Kilmister, Motörhead, and director Lloyd Kaufman or his hair… well, you get the idea. After all, AMA does stand for “Ask Me Anything,” and Achim is prepared to answer accordingly!

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