Games Guns Giving

On a rather surprisingly sunny afternoon, four of our fittest Wired heroes, packed their bags, jumped in a car and drove three hours to a forest… where we picked up some shotguns and tried our best to blast a bunch of clay pigeons!!

There is a reason we were doing this, which was to raise money for our friends at SpecialEffect! Led by our MD Leo Zullo, along with our Community Manager (and SpecialEffect Ambassador) Neil Broadhead + our design man, who refuses to be on social media, so can’t be linked, (Neil Dickens!) AND industry veteran and all round short guy, Gareth Williams, the team embarked on a morning of hiding in trees (forgetting the pigeons were clay and could not be spooked) whilst eating the occasional bacon sandwich.

The Games Guns Giving event saw 24 developers, publishers and studios come together to take part in a 10-course shooting range, all competing to be Top Gun!

How did Wired do? Well, one team member (Dickens) obviously spends far too much time on Battlefield and secured a 70% hit ratio. Our Community Manager, however, clearly spends too much time talking as he did, well, crap. To be blunt. Ok, that might be too harsh. All we can say is if there was a participation or attendance award, he’d have got it, and that's it. He tried. The clay pigeons often did a second fly-by out of mercy, but he tired. If we'd taken someone, anyone, other than our CM, we're fairly sure we'd have not only won but also qualified for the next Olympics. But it wasn't to be. We came 18th, you could view as 6th from the bottom, but we looked at it like top 20!

We have to give a big thank you to Joel Benton and Kimberley Robinson, from Interaction Studio Management, who very kindly hosted the day. Once we had finished shooting the attendees were rewarding with a dinner where scores were revealed and prizes awarded to those teams that didn't have Neil, our CM, on their lineup.

We were privileged to hear Rob Camm talk during the meal. In September 2013 Rob Camm, like teenagers up and down the country, was making final preparations to head off to start his university course. Tragically, the week before he left, Rob was involved in a terrible accident which would see him facing the rest of his life paralysed from the neck down and needing a ventilator for his breathing. SpecialEffect supported Rob in intensive care with an eye-controlled computer after his accident and he has gone on to become an Ambassador for the charity. You can learn more about Rob and his campaign through the Cammpaign4rob Facebook page.

We've had a great year supporting SpecialEffect (also sending another team of fit team members on 2017's Monster race) and we can't wait to sign up to the next event!

To find out more about the amazing work SpecialEffect do, please visit their official website.

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