Good morning, We hope you all had a great weekend!

There is a great mood in the office (to say it's Monday!) and that's because we're just 8 days from the Bros being released! Today we wanted to look at each world a little closer! There are three to battle through in your quest to become great rock gods, each with it's own set of lovely enemies to slay on your journey!


Underground dungeon complex where the dead are received and processed. The souls are separated from their skeletons; the skeletons are used for hard labor and cannon fodder, and the souls are converted to mana for sorcerers. Filled with Bonies and ruled by Duke Spook'em.


Huge brewery built upon a natural brew for non-spewing geyser, surrounded by rugged ice covered peaks. The brewery bottles up the brew and distributes it to all five corners of the land. The Frost Queen rules, and roams the halls singing twisted ballads in her frozen throne that control her huge Ice Golem pet. She commissions a league of Gnomes for brew development. These Gnomes manipulate Ice Trolls to do the manual labor and basic janitorial duties.


Sprawling jungles filled with poisonous plants and animals, home to a death cult of demonic Frog men who worship their leader, known only as The Toad. He controls the other members of the cult by outlawing the rule of rock and using only the bog music that he has popularised. The Bros best tread careful in this land, as their rock brosomeness could be a problem for the residents.

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